When I was in my teens,
God directed me to sit at
the piano and worship Him
and He would give me songs.

The first song to rise up from my spirit
is my love song
to my Lord Jesus Christ
for all He has done.
He saved me.
He healed me.
He creates a clean heart in me.
Thank you, Jesus Christ: the Lord of all.


Bernie kimono

Artist: Chris Tabor

Cora Bernice Everland

Bernice means: One who brings victory.

Age: in her 20’s
Gender: Female

Physical Description: Medium height; Part Irish and Cherokee. Hair: Black so dark that it shines with a blue sheen, with auburn highlights from her Mother’s Irish side. Her first year of college, she cut her waist length tresses up to her cheeks where it curled around her face with no pin curls. Eyes: Dark Brown. Body: Way too slim for her taste so she’s always trying to fatten up like the movie stars. Complexion: Fair, looks creamy smooth because of her dark hair. To her horror, her nose, shoulder and arms have freckles which she is constantly covering up with make-up and long sleeves.

Education: in college, getting her music degree. Loves to sing, play instruments and will play, teach and sing to anyone who stands still long enough.

Religion: Catholic

Parents: Mother: Breanne Aliene Sullivan. Father: Aiden “White Feather” Everland. Mother is a strict Catholic from Brooklyn. Father was born in Oklahoma. He is a Cherokee. He worked hard as a guide and saved up to attend college in Nebraska. He became a Lawyer. After college, Aiden decided to walk across the country, alone. He was in a library in Brooklyn where he met Breanne. His jet black hair was past his waist and she had auburn tresses down to her waist. She had just checked out a book that he had wanted to read. He asked her if she would go to lunch with him so that he could read the book aloud to her, in the Cherokee language. She was intrigued. They are avid readers and love to walk together; a simple, loving couple. Bernie is their only child.

Family Life: Bernie’s father was an Indian guide as a young man in Oklahoma for the Army where he learned English. His parents lived a hard life on the prairie. (Later in life, Aiden bought a farmhouse for his parents.) Aiden and Breanne settled in DC where he has a thriving Law business.

Breanne’s parents came to America when she was a tiny baby. Her father died in the factory he worked in when she was 11. Breanne had to join her mother working in a sewing factory to help raise her four younger sisters. Her oldest brother, Edward Hale, left home at 14, joined the Army, traveled the world then ended up in New Mexico where he had ten children and became the town Judge. Her second oldest brother, Nathan Lee, left home when he was 16. No one knew he had joined the Army until that fateful day.  Breanne was 17 when she met Aiden.

Bernie grew up in a wealthy home and had everything, but, her mother always made Bernie work hard. “Work, it’s good for the soul,” was one of her mother’s favorite sayings.

Her favorite moment: When her father took her to see her grandparents. They traveled to Boise City, Oklahoma where they then had to travel by horse and cart to where her grandparents lived. Bernie still remembers the spacious skies filled with millions of stars at night, sunsets blazing with colors and a wind that could toss a girl around. She told her grandparents that she has a lifetime of poems, songs, and instrumentals to write. A year later, her grandparents died; six months apart. She holds their kindness and strength in her heart.

Employment: Parents paid for her college so she practices the piano and other instruments over five hours a day. She wants to teach music and would love to have her name on the big screen as the music composer.

Her mother’s description of Bernie: A woman with a challenging temperament, the grace of a swan, looks that tend to delight or scare the ‘bijeevers’ out of someone, and quite tenacious. Breanne tells people that when Cora was four she announced. “My name is Bernie from now on.”  When Bernie cut her hair, Breanne nearly lost her eye teeth.

Mabel loves attention but hates crowds.  She loves wearing Mabel’s skirts because they are long on her because of the 4 inch height difference. Bernie married in her late 30’s to Stan Danton. Stan called her Berns. They have only one child, a boy, who died in the Vietnam War. When Stan died at the age of 76, Bernie moved in with Mabel, but died a year later. She missed her Stan-man too much.

Love Interest: Her music first, then she added Stan and then Stanley ‘Strong Feather’, her son.

Most influential person in character’s past and why: Her Daddy, White Feather. He always believed in her dreams, no matter how strange they were. His name for her: ‘Feisty Butterfly’

Favorite color:  Lavender – also her favorite perfume.

Favorite relaxing pastime: 
Sitting at the piano keyboard and letting her music go where it wants to go or quiet time with family or friends.
Greatest fear: Spiders; She hates spiders.

Food character won’t eat:
 Anything raw; she likes everything cooked well.

Most important person in character’s life now: 
Mabel, her college friend. They stayed roommates all four years.

Current situation: In her senior year of college.

Personal motivation(s): To finish College and take the music world by storm.

What Bernie would say: “Life is all about picking as many flowers as you can hold, shove your face into them and breathe.”

Bernie shrugged into the soft, silk red and gold jacket. The silk seemed to breathe and hug her.
“Why do you wear that loud thing all the time?” Mabel asked, and put on a light blue sweater.
With her chin in the air, “How dare you say such a thing about my apparel?” She tossed a sleeve into Mabel’s face. “I challenge you to a duel.”
“Get that out of my face,” Mabel giggled. “We are going to be late for class if you don’t stop fooling around.” She opened the dorm door.
Scooting past her, Bernie said, “Well, I will have to be satisfied later on when I beat you at chess.”
“You always beat me at chess,” Mabel shut the door. “If I had an uncle who had taught me chess, I would be better at it.”
Her uncle… she wished Mabel had not brought him up. She sighed and picked up her step, leaving Mabel behind. She could hear footsteps falling in step.
“I’m sorry,” Mabel’s face turned sorrowful.
“It’s okay.”
“NO, it’s not,” Mabel said, “I should have remembered.”
They walked outside into the cold, morning air. Seemed fitting as the cold, hard memories of last fall when she had come home after school only to find her Mother sitting in the foyer, crying with a telegram crumpled at her feet. Bernie had picked up the letter and only got to read, ‘Nathan Lee Sullivan, died and courageous’, before her mother had snatched the letter back, smashed it to her chest and moaned. Bernie wrapped her arms around her Mother and held her until  Dad came home. As Aiden held his wife, Bernie found an opened package on the kitchen table. Inside the package, Bernie found a note to Mother from Uncle Nathan and two silk jackets neatly folded. He had promised to come home.


My main character lives in a small, southern town that I created. My town has stores, a railway station, main street, movie house, diner, town hall, one stop sign in the middle of town: all the things a 1940’s small town would have been like. In order to make my town real in my mind, I created people and named all of them them. Most of them will never be in my novel. Some will have tiny bit parts and others whole paragraphs. This blog is about one of my town’s people who gets only a mention by my main character. Her name is: Miss Eugenia Cordelia Snodgrass

Name:  Miss Eugenia Cordelia Snodgrass
Gender: Female
Age: early 30’s – an old maid

Physical description: She is 5’7”. She has waist length, dark, mousy brown hair which is always pulled tight in a bun at the nap of her neck. Her shoes: black and sensible. She always wears:  black rimmed glasses, ankle length black or brown skirts, thick beige stockings, starched white button-up shirt, a black vest with her late Mother’s large, rose-colored cameo pinned on the black vest over her heart. In the winter, she wears a long black coat with her Papa’s black and beige striped scarf around her neck. What she does not wear: make-up, because: “it’s a waste of time and money.”

Education: Meredith College
Religion: Southern Baptist
Parents:  Eugene Presley Snodgrass and Cordelia Louisa Snodgrass

Family Life: Her parents had Eugenia in the later years and she is an only child. Her parents were extremely overly protective. Both grandparents were deceased before Eugenia was born. Her parents had no siblings. In high school Eugenia had a couple of suitors but Mama and Papa did not like them because they thought those boys were not good enough for their little ‘dixie’. After Eugenia finished college she focused on teaching. When her parents passed away: Hal Summerville, one of the young men who her parents thought was not good enough for her, was so in love with Eugenia that he had never married. He courted and won her affection. They married in their 50’s and a year later Eugene Hal Summerville was born.

Employment: Rosehill’s School Teacher (a one room schoolhouse.) In the summer, Christmas time, and wherever the children are not in school,  she works at Carter’s Emporium.
Love interest:  Her books and journals. After marriage: she added Hal and Eugene Hal to this list.
Most influential person in character’s past and why: Her Mama. They were very close. The other influential person was her Meredith College professor: Pro.  Greener: who helped Eugenia become an outstanding teacher. They became best friends. Eugenia rides the bus to Raleigh once a month to spend a Saturday with Patricia Greener: who never married.

Favorite color:  Yellow. She loves yellow day lilies.
Favorite relaxing pastime: Reading books and writing in her journal. She has published some of her poems.
Greatest fear: That she will never get married. She has never shared this fear with anyone, not even her Mother nor Patricia.

Food character won’t eat: She does not like meat
Most important person in character’s life now: Her friend Patricia – Soon, it will be Hal.

Current situation: She lives in a one room apartment above Victoria’s Movie House and shares the bathroom with the other 3 tenants. The apartment has a Murphy bed, a small table for writing, a dressing cabinet, and a chair. The view out the one window is Main Street. She watches the movie patrons coming and going. The sound from the movies are heard very well, but she has learned to tune them out.

Personal motivation(s): To read and write. Then pour the love for learning into the minds of children
What they would say: “I teach the youth so they will be better prepared for their tomorrows.”

Character Worksheets. Continuing of the Creativity.

red glove

I love to create colorful, memorable characters for my novel.  Some are only in a paragraph.  Some are in a couple of chapters. Others are throughout the whole story.  But no matter how short or long the time in the book I want all my characters to leave an impression on the reader.

The next character in my series is: Rita Gail Parks.

Gender: most definitely female
Age: close to her forties but she will never tell  (35)
Physical description:  green eyes:  the color of a dark forest. Long curly burnt red hair she wears either in a chignon or hanging down with a hair clip. She is 5’2” but wears 3 inch heels all the time. Curvaceous, cinches her waist, wears tight clothing, bold lipsticks like:  hot pink, fire engine red or burgundy.  She wears bright vivid clothing, tons of makeup and smokes Lucky Strikes cause they give her good luck.
lucky stikes
Education: One room school house. After that: the school of life. She knows how to take care of herself.
Religion: raised Baptist – doesn’t go to church – quit when she was 16.
Parents:  Her parents are farmers – they are raising Rita Gail’s children.
Family Life: She has two older brothers. Because she is the only girl,  her family spoiled her terribly.  Rita Gail has two boys, (10 and 17) and 19 year old girl who is following in her steps. They were born of three different men. Two she did not marry and one she is still married to. He is in Canada and thinks she is dead and does not know about his child.  The other men? Her daughter’s father is in jail. The 17 year old’s father is dead.
Employment: She works for Rex, owner of Moody’s Diner and also his brother, Keith who owns Moody’s Dance Hall just across the tracks. She is excellent at being a waitress and getting her own way with the brothers.
Love interest:  She loves the male species and herself. For the moment she is playing with Rex and Keith Moody.
Most influential person in character’s past and why: Her Grandpa Parks, he was the only one who understood her. She was devastated when he passed away. Even though it has been over 10 years since his passing, she still hurts inside.
Favorite color:  red
Favorite relaxing pastime:
irritating Rex and Keith and dancing.
Greatest fear: getting old.
Food character won’t eat:
anything greasy – she always a watchin’ her weight.
Most important person in character’s life now:  
No one in particular. But, she does have something for that new widower: Nathan – but he won’t even look her way. And she would never own up to her hidden feelings that it would be fine to have a good man to love her. Plus, she has a strong affinity for the bad ones.
Current situation: She lives in Molly’s Motel in downtown Rosehill, works for Rex in the daytime and Keith at nigh, when she feels like it. Rex and Keith pay her whether she comes to work or not.  Her motto (for the moment):“Life can’t get any better than this.”
Personal motivation(s): She don’t trust no one, especially men.  Except, Papa Parks. He was perfect.
What they would say:  “Men are placed on this earth for woman’s pleasure: money, gifts and whatever I want. I am here to partake of it all.”

blue dress


Welcome to Karla’s Kadence. Where creativity, imagination and originality is set free.

FIAT2800Berlina 1934 - 44

I enjoy being a music composer and a writer.

Today’s Blog Post: How I come up with a new character for my novel.

In the novel I am working on I have created the town of Rosehill. To make my southern town come alive in my head, I drew a map, complete with buildings, roads and a train track. Then I created characters living in and around the town like the dentist, the doctor, mayor, soda shop clerk and dance hall owner. Typical small town people. Of course not all of them are detailed in the book or it would be way over 300 pages.  

As I was creating these obscure characters, I found that I loved making up characters.

Therefore; I give you my first: How I Create Characters for my Novel.

 First I create a Character Worksheet with the following.

Character Worksheet:
Physical description:
Family Life:
Love interest:
Most influential person in character’s past and why:
Favorite color:
Favorite relaxing pastime:
Greatest fear:
Food character won’t eat:
Most important person in character’s life now:
Current situation:
Personal motivation(s):
What they would say:

Here is an actual character in my novel.
Name:  Eugene Doyle Johnson
Physical description: black hair that always looks greasy because he sweats profusely. He is extremely large: in width and height. He barely fits into his black Berlina. When he is driving he looks a bit like a black bear stuffed into a car. He always wears a white shirt, black pants and skinny black tie because he is a business owner and takes that position very seriously. He has a trimmed mustache.
Education: He went to NCSU.
Religion: southern Baptist: Rosehill First Baptist Church. Been attending since a little boy with his Momma.
Parents:  Mamma Johnson: led worship at the church until her death. Daddy – no one knows where he is.
Family Life: wife: Vira Everlina – one of the town gossips: almost as bad as Anna Grisley. Eugene and Vira Everlina have 10 kids
Employment: proprietor of Johnson Mills: he built it with his own hands.
Love interest:  God, Vira Everlina, his cotton mill, his kids, his food and hunting.
Most influential person in character’s past and why: His Momma: Ethel Myrtle Louise Johnson: who raised her only son when her louse, good for nothin’ husband left when Eugene was a baby. She told her little Eugene every morning and before his prayers at night: “Eugene Doyle Johnson, you can do anything you want to do.” God bless her soul.
Favorite color: pink – but only his wife knows this. So she always has pink flowers on the table for him and puts one in his lapel every Sunday morning.
Favorite relaxing pastime:
cleaning his cars and hunting.
Greatest fear: He don’t have no time to think about that.
Food character won’t eat:
Most important person in character’s life now:
Everyone in town knows that: it’s Vira Everlina. She treats him like a king in his castle.
Current situation: He would tell you he is wealthy in his business, his children and his grandchildren. He is also thinking about selling his Berlina for a Cadillac.
Personal motivation(s): Be the wealthiest man in North Carolina. And get all his kids married off. He knows Vira Everlina will take care of this.
What Eugene would say:

Life is about taking care of family, going to church and don’t let anyone take you for a fool.”

 “Have hot food on the table before I leave and when I come home.”

“Take time for your wife, your kids and hunting.”

“I worked hard for what I have and will bust anyone up who tries to take it from me.”

Eugene and Vira Everlina’s Children: 

  1. Boy 18: Franklin Eugene Dole “Frankie D”
  2. Girl 17: Rose Violet
  3. Boy 14: Noah James
  4. Girl 12: Ruby Lane
  5. Boy 10: Rory Allen
  6. Girl 7: Twin: Gloria Jean
  7. Boy 7: Twin: Grady Dole
  8. Girl 5: Pansy Lee
  9. Boy 3: Litl’ Eugene
  10. Girl 1: Pearl Grace


Swordy 2 Romans 8:31 “…. If God be for me, WHO CAN BE AGAINST ME?”

The days look bleak.

The amount of hatred and fear being spewed all over the various media channels is probably more than our world has ever seen and heard since the beginning of time. Angry, hurt, hate-filled, trouble-makers are trying to devour the air ways and written media with their rants, obscenities and destructive ravings.

Do I want to take this in my home?


How am I battling this onslaught of fear driven words.

Spending more time worshiping and praising my Lord Jesus Christ.   God inhabits the praise of His people.
Speaking and writing only good and perfect communications.
 A good word turns away wrath.
so we can have a quiet and peaceable life.
Write your congressmen and representatives letting them know if
what they are doing is incorrect and then stand with the ones who are doing right. (Never rant,  but be polite and direct.)
Vote out all the people who are trying to turn our country into a
socialistic country.
Speak your voice with strength, dignity and the love of God.
Pray God’s word on all the situations and storms. Just like Jesus spoke to the angry waves and they obeyed Him.

In other words: Be the salt of the earth.

Evil wins when good people do nothing.

God has not given me the spirit of fear but of:

POWER: The same Spirit who raised Jesus Christ from the dead, dwells in me.

LOVE: Agape lives in me. I act in Agape. I speak Agape: The God kind of love.

SOUND MIND: I choose to not listen to the fear-mongers.
The ones who torture the airways with their ungodly fears.
I choose to act in faith and pray for my country and then add good, strong, faith-filled words into the airways.

Let’s drown out the evil speakers with God’s  Word.

and remember: We are already: MORE THAN CONQUERORS.

As it is written: “For your sake we face death all day long; we are considered as sheep to be slaughtered.” No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.
For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers,
neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.
 ROMANS 8:36-39




We celebrate Mother’s Day because we love our mothers.

Today I am celebrating my daughter, Jennifer Tabor because she has self-published her first book.

You can purchase her book at Barnes and Noble.  If you do not have an e-book device, you still can read the book on your computer.

This is the one of the best Mother’s Day Gift I have ever gotten.

The other best Mother’s Day gift was: Chris sold one of his photos.


Praise God!


Easter 2015 one for blog

My grownup kids have not hidden Easter Eggs in a long time. What I have done for past few years is buy a large chocolate bunny for them.

The only other celebration would be to brave the ravenous Easter dinner crowds or we would eat at home. (Lately, making dinner at home had proven more pleasant.)

After the feasting, we go our separate ways.

Brian ends up nearly snoring the paint off the bedroom walls or playing in his garage. Either way, he is content.

Jennifer disappears into her upstairs grotto. Her fingers tap, tap, tapping on her computer keyboard, writing to her heart’s content or conversing on the internet with exotic friends from other states and countries.

Chris: he and his warrior friends are raucously fighting monsters and other worldly creatures in his upstairs man cave. It’s very exciting!

Me: I get the living room so I can watch my shows as I clean the dishes, content everyone is enjoying their Sunday afternoon.

A couple of weeks ago, I reminisced past Easters when my children were small. I would deck them in a new outfit and shower them with an Easter basket. Plus, we would have an Easter egg hunt. I loved watching them hunt for their treasures.

Feeling a bit nostalgic, I wanted to do something special for my family. Besides, I mused, just because they are grownup: does that mean they don’t want to have an Easter egg hunt?

I got an idea!

Two weeks before Easter, I purchased 84 plastic eggs and filled them with everyone’s favorite candy and put them in a container, waiting to be hidden on Easter morning.

What I did not anticipate: the finding of the eggs a week before Easter. I came home to a basket of empty plastic eggs, feeling a bit silly about my mistake of leaving the eggs where they could be seen. Hmmm…

Yet, I still wanted to have my Easter egg hunt.

So I got another idea!

I purchased 84 more plastic eggs and filled them with candy, jokes and money.

The colorful eggs were stuffed with food jokes, engineer jokes, blond jokes, dumb criminal anecdotes and lots of cheesy jokes.

This time I gave a stern warning to the candy-munching fiends: do not open the eggs. The hunt will be after Easter Sunday morning service.

I could only hope.

Saturday before Easter, I hid the eggs.

Easter morning, Chris and Jennifer drove themselves to church so after church they got home first. By the time Brian and I got home the two munchkins had found all the eggs from upstairs. I had to console a perturbed Brian who was excited about the eggs, too. (By the way, I hid the eggs with the money downstairs, anticipating this turn of events. He! He!)

Jennifer found all the big bills.
Brian only found a little bit of change.
Chris got the rest.

Me? I got the best gift of all. I got to enjoy my family having fun competing for the eggs and laughing at the jokes.

I am blessed.

By the way, I don’t think they have found all the eggs.
I am known for my ability to hide things. The fun continues.

If you’re ever at my home, there is a basket filled with all the jokes. Dig in and read one or two.

Laughter is a good medicine.

Proverbs 17:22 “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.”

easter 2015 2

Stretched Beyond My Limits.

stretched beyond my limits jpeg

OUCH! God is stretching me today.

I ask for directions: So I know what to do or where to go.

I ask for understanding:  So I can get to where I am going.

I ask for wisdom: So I will be extremely successful once I am there.

But most of all, I ask for the love of God to be shed abroad in my heart.
God’s Agape Love keeps me,  protects me,  protects my family and friends.

Romans 5:5  ” And this hope will not lead to disappointment. For we know how dearly God loves us, because he has given us the Holy Spirit to fill our hearts with his love.New Living Translation

*drawing by: Chris Tabor,  12TonTabor

The Marriage Garden


A Marriage Garden must be:

Cultivated: Speak encouraging words to one other.
All The Time.
Our spouse responds to our words.
So choose words that encourage, build up and strengthen our Marriage Garden.

Watered: Ask forgiveness as quick as possible.
Say: Forgive me! And then forgive them.
This will wash away the filthiness of cruel actions and careless words.  Don’t let un-forgiveness fester.
It will rust, chip away and destroy the Marriage Garden.

Fed:  We eat food at least 3 times a day. Shouldn’t we also feed our spouse good words and actions at least 3 times a day?
Say: I love you, I am here for you, I hear you.
Become creative with praise and encouraging words.
The benefits are unending.

Weeded:  Pull the weeds out of our Marriage Garden.
An example of a relentless weed: spiteful thoughts about our spouse.
If they have been forgiven, let it stay forgiven.
Don’t even allow the thought of what they had done stay in your thought-life.
The weed of un-forgiveness will try to grow in our thought-life.
Pull it out quickly or that spiteful thought will come out our mouth.
The end result: spiteful words will attempt to choke the life out of our Marriage Garden.
Get rid of spiteful thoughts.
Thoughts unspoken, dry up and die.

A loving, lasting  Marriage Garden must be tended to.



Pic 3

I dwell in the shelter of the Most High, safe from any storm.
I have rest in the arms of the Almighty.
I say, “God my Father is my refuge and my fortress.
He is my God and I fully trust Him.”
I know that I know He will save me from people who want to trap me and from deadly pestilence, disease and plagues.
He covers me with His tender wings of protection so I have no worries about what my enemies want to do to me or destructive plagues and diseases.
I have refuge from the storms created by the earth or by evil men.
His faithfulness is my shield and fortification.

I will not fear the terror of night.
I will not fear the arrow or bullets that flies by day.
I will not fear the pestilence that stalks in the darkness.
I will not fear the plague that destroys at midday.
A thousand may fall at my side,
ten thousand at my right hand,
BUT –  it will not come near me.
I will only observe with my eyes the punishment of the wicked.

The Lord is my refuge.
The Most High is my dwelling place.
No harm will overtake me.
No disaster will come near my home, my city, my state, my country,
for God Almighty will command His angels concerning me and my household.
He commands His angels to guard me in all my ways.
They will lift me up in their hands, so that I will not even strike my foot against a stone.
I will tread on the lion and the cobra.
I will trample the great lion and the serpent.
Because I love God, He will always rescue me.
God protects me because I acknowledge His name.


I call on God, and He answers me.
God is with me no matter the trouble in this world.
God delivers me out of ALL my trouble.
I will honor God and praise Him all my days.
God satisfies me with a long life filled with healing, prosperity and a purpose.
God shows me His salvation.
I point the way to Him and His salvation.
I love the Lord my God with all my spirit, soul and body.



Proverbs 23:7

“For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he…”

We are what we think we are. Simply put:

“I ams what I thinks I ams”.

So I ponder: what and who am I?

What is my real purpose on this earth?

Where am I supposed to be?

Where do I search for those answers?

For a Christian the answers to all those cavernous questions are found in the reading and studying of the Word of God, accompanied with prayer.

God’s Word is the mirror I must look into for those answers.


I must go to the Word of God to guard my thoughts from fear, failure and defeat.

I must speak the Word of God to keep myself from fear, failure and defeat.

I must live the Word of God to live courageous, triumphant and more than a conqueror.

Anyone who is not a Christian – My only answer is to be Born Again. God is waiting.

“For now we see only a reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.” 1 Corinthians 13:12

“Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life.´ Proverbs 4:23

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Millennial Media

Communicating the message of faith to the next generation

Mary's Thoughts

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Holy Soup

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The wild gardens of my life.

The Daily Post

The Art and Craft of Blogging

The WordPress.com Blog

The latest news on WordPress.com and the WordPress community.


Music and Words, Rhythmically Played.

Excellence for Every Day

Cultivating greatness to love, live, and serve

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Music and Words, Rhythmically Played.

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Writers of speculative fiction. We like a good laugh, coffee, wine, and conversation.